You can trust Terzo Digital to bring structure to your projects when:

  • Your team is stretched and you need hassle free support to deliver the project
  • You need specialist skills and experience on a troublesome project
  • It's time to try something cutting edge

With Terzo Digital on board, you’ve one less thing to worry about, freeing up time to focus on meeting your goals.

A Typical Project with a Product Developer


The first stage is a free of charge exploratory conversation to acquire the information we need to ensure we are both a good fit for the project.

Scope of works

You’ll receive a document including:

  • A summary of our discussion
  • Project outline
  • Timescales
  • Quotation

The Project

Your project may be broken into well-defined phases, or it may be more appropriate to explore and review as we go along. If the latter, we’ll work in short bursts to achieve agreed aims.


Once approved the project, we’ll share with you a realistic project plan. Any dependencies on 3rd parties will be identified and we’ll order any required equipment.


For small projects a clear set of design notes are produced at the start.

For large projects you may be asked to review and sign off the design and any subsequent amendments.

At the end of every project, we can review the design notes to make sure it the finished product reflects the decisions made during implementation.

Development and unit testing

Development generally requires writing code to implement the design.

Next we’ll test the code either directly on the target hardware and possibly in test harnesses on PC.

As we develop new features, they’ll be integrated straightaway into the growing codebase. This avoids surprises later and means a long integration phase isn’t required.

As we develop and test the software, we’ll keep you updated with our progress.


Once development and testing is completed, we’ll hand over the project to you.
If you own the IPR then we’ll provide the design and any documentation, along with the code.


Software doesn’t stand still. At the very least, the environment around it changes e.g. new features are required, hardware changes – and your software may need to keep pace.

We can provide support of your codebase.

Next steps

Success starts with a conversation, so contact us today.

Our Services

Mobile apps


When you have a perplexing challenge during the development of a software project, we're the software engineering experts you can rely on to find a solution.

Software design

Software Design

When a skills gap is jeopardising your software project, tap into our decades of software design experience to complete the job.


Project Management

You can count on TERZO when you have a challenging project and need a safe pair of hands to ensure it's delivered successfully.