You can trust TERZO to bring structure to your projects when:

  • Your team is stretched and you need hassle free support to deliver the project
  • You need specialist skills and experience on a troublesome project
  • It's time to try something cutting edge

With TERZO on board, you’ve one less thing to worry about, freeing up time to focus on meeting your goals.

We see time and again OT Managers struggling with a million and one tasks, frustrated because they’re not giving their teams the attention they need in order to succeed.

That’s where TERZO comes in.

Directors, Neil Tubman and Mark Davison have, between them, over 50 years’ experience in the software engineering industry.

Their independent, impartial advice and expert knowledge is valued by OT Managers and Product Developers alike.

“Neil Tubman was perfect for the job with his extensive knowledge and niche experience in energy and utilities telemetry.”
Darrell Froggatt, IT Project Manager, Anglian Water

When you have a challenging project and the successful delivery is crucial to your business, we are a safe pair of hands.

We don’t want you to lose your budget just because your project wasn’t completed.

Our logical and calm approach, coupled with our specialist knowledge and experience, has been pivotal in successful project outcomes.

Success starts with a conversation, so contact us today.

Our Services

Mobile apps


When you have a perplexing challenge during the development of a software project, we're the software engineering experts you can rely on to find a solution.

Software design

Software Design

When a skills gap is jeopardising your software project, tap into our decades of software design experience to complete the job.


Project Management

You can count on TERZO when you have a challenging project and need a safe pair of hands to ensure it's delivered successfully.