Terzo assisted in project management and integration of WITS to our DNP3 RTU, their role was the coding of aspects of WITS into our existing DNP3 RTU, and building of test harness for regression testing. They produced appropriate documentation, time scales and milestones from their work and managed a ticket system for ironing out any bugs in the development and deployment stage in a professional manner”.

Dr Sang Tran, Technology Director at Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd

"We were pleased to work with Terzo Digital who provided a safe pair of hands in supporting our customer’s complex, mission-critical website. Despite being an SME, they brought a big company’s mentality and professionalism in the service they offered."

Russ McKenzie, Managing Director, nTrust Systems Limited

“It was a pleasure to work with Terzo Digital on both ground-breaking and complex problems in the Internet of Things. Utilising their expertise has not only furthered our own developments in IoT, but via the Picosec project outputs, we aim to contribute our work back to the IoT developer community and to the IoT Security Foundation. This will help to raise the bar of IoT security in products across the world”.

David Rogers, CEO of Copper Horse

"Metasphere engaged Mark Davison of Terzo Digital to continue its representation and input on the WITS PSAC (Protocol Standards Association Committee). Metasphere’s input to, and feedback on progress and developments of the protocol was influential as was Mark’s commitment, professionalism and integrity shown by Terzo in executing the work."

Tim O'Brien, CEO of Metasphere

"Whilst developing a complex configuration application, Metasphere called on Terzo Digital to develop a large portion of C# business logic.  They worked closely with us to get the job completed on time and in budget.  The code delivered was of a high standard, with full supporting documentation and rigorous testing completed;  highly recommended."

Tom Child - Senior Applications Engineer

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