After a meeting at a Digital Catapult Breakfast event earlier this year, Terzo Digital performed some high level consultancy work for Ben Williams IP. Ben Williams is a freelance IP consultant and patent attorney and has been providing services to the patent profession, SMEs and academic institutions for a number of years. Part of Ben's work has been helping to educate students and professionals about the intricacies of Patent Law and IP protection. He has done this through the use of a game, IP Quest which enables participants to learn about IP in a fun and memorable way, a breath of fresh air for what some may consider dry subject material.

The current IP Quest board game

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This client deploys Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs)/Outstations in the field and for certain types of RTU uses a Configuration Application (CA) which is a thick client Windows application written in C# using WPF. The CA communicates with the RTU using USB and can monitor and configure the RTU.

Complex changes to the CA were required to support the addition of serial interfaces with Modbus protocol and another more limited hardware type. Terzo documented the current system, suggested the changes and then implemented those changes in C# using Visual Studio. NUnit tests were written to prove the implementation of the changes.

Terzo worked with the client's JIRA ticketing system and SVN source control to deliver working code within the time and budget constraints, and with no reported faults.

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Our customer had a great micro-site for a specific event. The sporting event in question would involve tens of thousands of participants in central London. The website, containing all the useful information about the route, the transport, the sponsors etc was optimised for use on the desktop but did not render well on mobile devices.

As we all know, many users access websites whilst on the go, and this would especially be true for the website in the run-up to the event. Entrants would need to be able to access all of the latest information, right up to the last minute as they approached the start line.

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A key Terzo customer approached us in the summer of 2014, asking us to help their customer with a key infrastructure monitoring system.

The system in question was performing, but was subject to unplanned outages at key times in the customer's operations. Just when the system was needed the most, and was therefore under its heaviest load, it would fail.

Terzo Digital, in conjunction with their client and whilst managing a key partner to provide specific expertise, quickly performed some on-site investigations. Performance data was collected, and key members of staff in the client organisations were interviewed to understand their experiences of the system failures.

Terzo Digital quickly delivered a detailed report outlining the actual performance of the system along with the statistics to back up the analysis. Various root-cause problems were identified and around 20 prioritised recommendations were provided.

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