We recently completed a piece of consultancy work for Metasphere in which we represented them on the WITS PSAC. WITS is the Water Industry Telemetry Standards association and the PSAC is the Protocol Standards Association Committee who manage WITS. The primary output of WITS is the WITS-DNP3 Protocol, a single protocol used by multiple Master Stations and Field Devices. You can find out more on WITS at their website.


Metasphere is one of the major telemetry equipment providers in the UK. As a founder member of WITS, Metasphere sell a WITS-enabled Field Device called the MM-IM. You can find out more about Metasphere at their website and see more about the MM-IM here.

During the year long piece of work Terzo Digital represented Metasphere’s best interests on the PSAC, attending meetings and participating in telecons. As part of that work we also helped push forward the work of the WITS PSAC to ensure the further adoption of the standard, in particular we were an active member of the Technical Sub-group and the Strategy Sub-group within the WITS PSAC.

Although our work for Metasphere has now completed, we continue to be involved with the WITS PSAC with Mark Davison being re-elected onto the committee as a representative of Terzo Digital.

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