In February, Mark attended the 16th IoT Guildford meetup. The meeting was held at in Woking, a collaborative workspace available to small businesses, freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Amongst the speakers were Stuart Black of BrainTrain UK and Geoff McCormick of Alloy.

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Neil visited the Distributech conference in Orlando in early February. Distributech brings together tech providers in the OT (Operational Technology) space.

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Terzo attended the Surrey Chamber of Commerce (SCOC) Intellectual Property (IP) Forum, held at Guildford University on 3rd December 2015.

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When we first set up to write apps for mobile phones, we initially selected to use the Android platform because of its free availability and the popularity of Android phones. However, it soon became apparent, that for any commercial application there was a strong requirement to support both Android and iOS.

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As part of our continued interest in Java EE, JBoss and Wildfly we are members of the JBUG (JBoss User Group) in London. In early December 2015 Terzo attended a JBUG meeting at CodeNode, the new venue for Skillsmatter in London. The main part of this meeting was a presentation by Marc Savy of RedHat on apiman, a free and open source API Management tool. Marc is a core developer on the apiman project.

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