This month I am only presenting a small article on what we’ve done, but hopefully a few will find it useful. If you have not already stopped reading because of the article title, I’ll start by giving a bit of an introduction so that you can decide whether this is something you will find interesting.  gdb is the Gnu Debugger a tool which “allows you to see what is going on ‘inside’ another program while it executes – or what another program was doing at the moment it crashed.” according to its website.

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Young Enterprise  - What is it?

The Young Enterprise (YE) scheme is a charity which enables young people, coming towards the end of their school careers, to develop their skills and attitude through setting up and managing their own business.

A group of pupils decides to be part of the YE programme, and forms a business. The pupils have to decide on the purpose of the business. It could be a commercial one, to build and sell products, or it could be a charity. Selecting the purpose of the business is one of the early challenges the team faces. Within a few specific exclusions and guidelines, pupils can setup a business to do something out of a wide variety of potential options.

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I’ve been involved this month in surveying a group of people to gather their opinion on a regular networking event, on behalf of the organiser of that event.

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As part of our work for Anglian Water Services (AWS), Mark recently attended the SWAN Conference in London. SWAN (the Smart Water Networks Forum) is a worldwide industry forum promoting the use of data technologies in water networks, making them smarter, more efficient and more sustainable. The conference was well attended with around 200 delegates from organisations including companies in the water and smart water space, water companies from the UK and abroad, consultants, and researchers from academia working in the water sector. You can see highlights of the conference, who spoke, and their slides on the SWAN website.

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On 17th February, we attended a presentation on the smart meter rollout in the UK. In particular, the talk focused on the technology used for the communications between the end-point meters and the central computer systems.

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