When we first set up to write apps for mobile phones, we initially selected to use the Android platform because of its free availability and the popularity of Android phones. However, it soon became apparent, that for any commercial application there was a strong requirement to support both Android and iOS.

Although one could write an app and then rewrite the app using the technology of the other platform, it is a great deal more productive to be able to write the bulk of the app once then have that code run on both platforms. We examined a number of such cross platform development systems and eventually settled on Xamarin.  Xamarin allows cross platform apps to be developed using the C# programming language, something we are very familiar with.

On Wednesday 27th January Mark attended a Windows Apps London meetup at Microsoft in Victoria. At that meeting Mike James (@MikeCodesDotNet) of Xamarin introduced the changes made to Xamarin in the Xamarin 4 release. These changes included an update to Xamarin Forms to Version 2, UWP support, UITest, Xamarin Test Recorder and Xamarin Insights to name a few. You can read more on Xamarin 4 changes in the Xamarin blog. Loads of new things to try out!

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