Anglian Water have awarded a support and consultancy contract to Terzo Digital to provide specialist support for WITS system development. Mark Davison and Neil Tubman of Terzo Digital both have a number of years of experience of DNP3 and WITS in the water telemetry industry, with Mark having served on the WITS PSA committee for the last four years and having been recently voted back onto the WITS PSA committee representing Terzo Digital.


Anglian Water are currently tendering for new outstation supply and are expecting to award contracts to several vendors based on their field requirements.  Simon Harrison of Anglian Water commented: “to successfully design and deliver working WITS solutions its essential we have access to specialist support and we look forward to working with Terzo Digital to achieve that”.

It is envisaged that the work undertaken will include outstations testing both during and after the outstation procurement exercise, and the latter will obviously be of benefit to the wider WITS community.

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