Simplistically, software maintenance is a service you buy once you have purchased a software licence to ensure the ongoing quality of that piece of software.

You’ll hear it called “support”, “maintenance”, “warranty”, “subscription” and these are all similar but subtly different concepts:

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No doubt you will have heard of ‘2-factor authentication’. It’s often something your UK bank would say they’re introducing in order to beef up the security of online banking. What does 2-factor authentication mean? This article provides a brief introduction, but first of all we must start at the beginning with….

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Over the years I’ve been involved in countless IT projects. Lots of them have been software development projects, but I’ve also done other types of IT-related work. I’ve been a team member (working for a project manager); I’ve been the project manager; and I’ve also managed a programme of multiple projects. Not all of them have gone smoothly by any stretch of the imagination, but here’s eight tips from my accumulated experience…

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A little while ago we published an article which was a gallop through the web-based apps we found we essential to operate our start-up business as efficiently as possible.

A year on, we thought it was time to provide a quick update.

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Everyone’s heard of IT – Information Technology. It’s very likely that someone at your work, or a whole team, are responsible for providing IT for your organisation. But have you ever heard of IT’s sibling, ‘OT’ - short for Operational Technology? If not, then read on…

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