We’re a two-man software consultancy that started up, from scratch and with bootstrap funding, in the spring of 2014. Like most businesses, and indeed many business people, we’ve used an array of different software products in the course of starting up and keeping going over the last 18 months. I thought it would be useful to share with you the highlights – software that helps us do our business and has proven to be more than an install-use-once-then-delete experience for us. Poorer products that have been tried and discarded have not been mentioned – hopefully this list will help someone make some shortcuts to finding the right piece of software to do a job for them.

I debated what to call this article. Some of the tools I mention are cloud-based services, either accessed through a browser or via an app. Some tools are apps that live on the computer itself. Some are just very useful websites that I find myself going back to, time and time again. However, all have the same thing in common: the service they provide is either free or low cost, and using it has made an appreciable difference to the business.


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