This article introduces the concept of MVP – Minimum Viable Product. It’s a simple concept and is well accepted in large parts of the software development community. Ten years ago it was a different story….

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You may have heard the term “Internet of Things”, often abbreviated to “IoT”. If so, it may conjure up a particular image in your mind, or you may have an impression of what it means. The concept is actually quite flexible, and can mean lots of different things to lots of people. In this article, I provide a brief, fairly non-technical overview of the subject.

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Cloud or Local Hosting

Within small companies today, there are a great many functions of the business which can be conveniently provided using IT; these might include accounting, CRM, file storage, ticketing systems, office applications, source code control, backup or automated build systems. Having decided that you are going to utilize IT to provide one of these functions a question one often has to answer is: should that service be provided from the cloud or implemented in the local IT system? This article discusses that question and details the factors one should consider in coming to a decision.

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It will have been difficult to miss the news that the FBI and Apple are in debate about getting information off iPhones. Don’t worry if you have though, because in this piece I will try and link some of the best stories I have seen with some of my thoughts and give you a fighting chance of understanding what is happening in the debate.

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Passwords. They’re a real pain, and they’re everywhere. You probably have more than a hundred accounts that require a password, from ones you use every day (such as logging on to your computer) all the way through to ones on websites where you signed up to get access to a one-time service, have never used it since, and have probably forgotten that you even signed up with that company.

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