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    We develop mobile apps for Android and other platforms.

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    Let us help you with all or part of your project lifecycle.

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    Our experience in software development could help your project achieve its potential.

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    We're based in leafy Surrey, UK. We have beautiful surroundings and are close to London and major airports.

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    We're into developing apps for Android and other platforms.

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    We have over 40 years combined experience in software development.

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    Talk to us about how we can help with your IT needs.

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    We have many years experience of designing and developing for embedded platforms.

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    Do you need assistance with part of your product development or project lifecycle?

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    We cover all kinds of languages and technologies.

We expect to work with clients from a broad range of experience, some who will know little about software engineering and others who may be software engineers themselves. Our experience with clients over the years, in collecting requirements and delivering systems which satisfy those requirements, allows us to communicate appropriately with clients at any level of experience throughout the process. So whether you know nothing about software but really want an application to help your business or whether you are a software professional who needs some help setting up source control and bug tracking systems, we can help.


With our wealth of experience in the software engineering arena we are able to provide consultancy services for many of the issues you will face during the development of software projects. Below we list some of the areas in which we could help; however,whatever development issues you have, please contact us to find out how we could help.


Turnkey application development Embedded application development Systems analysis
Business benefits analysis Requirements capture Problem analysis
Rapid prototype development System design Interface design
Technical documentation Implementation and coding User experience design
Database selection and design Web delivery Software standards
Testing specification and automation Deployment and operational issues
Tracking and maintenance
Project management Source control  Scalability



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