Xamarin 4 Launch

Although one could write an app and then rewrite the app using the technology of the other platform, it is a great deal more productive to be able to write the bulk of the app once then have that code run on both platforms. We examined a number of such cross platform development systems and eventually settled on Xamarin.  Xamarin allows cross platform apps to be developed using the C# programming language, something we are very familiar with.

On Wednesday 27th January Mark attended a Windows Apps London meetup at Microsoft in Victoria. At that meeting Mike James (@MikeCodesDotNet) of Xamarin introduced the changes made to Xamarin in the Xamarin 4 release. These changes included an update to Xamarin Forms to Version 2, UWP support, UITest, Xamarin Test Recorder and Xamarin Insights to name a few. You can read more on Xamarin 4 changes in the Xamarin blog. Loads of new things to try out!