WITS Plugfest Belfast – November 2019

Terzo have a long history of involvement in WITS and have contributed to the WITS-IoT standard from its inception.

We have a prototype of a WITS-IoT stack, and we were demonstrating version 0.02 at the Plugfest. The idea of the stack is that it can be licensed by Original Equipment Manufacturers and implemented on their devices; they will thus be able to support the WITS-IoT protocol and be able to easily interoperate with WITS-IoT master stations.

Since the previous Plugfest, the Terzo team have implemented the following features:

  • Support to run on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Demonstration of the Linux implementation running on Raspberry Pis, fitted with pHATs which provided environmental measurements (temperature, pressure)
  • Implementation of the ability to drive outputs
  • Compliance with the latest, updated version of the standard (v1.1b)

These features were successfully demonstrated at the Plugfest, and interoperability was achieved with the ClearSCADA master station (a beta version which implements the WITS-IoT standard).

The next stages for the software stack include completing all the remaining features in the standard specification. Once this is implemented, a full test of the stack is required which will lead to a release of the first full version of the stack. This first version will be commercially available and will include demonstration projects for different operating systems and a selection of IoT platforms.

If you’re thinking of developing WITS-IoT on your device then we’d love to partner with you – please get in touch!


Neil Tubman – January 2020