IP strategy forum

SCOC had assembled an impressive panel of experts in IP, all of whom approached the subject matter through different lenses:

  • Martyn Buxton-Hoare – Director of Technology Transfer at the University of Surrey. He is effectively a “producer” of output which requires IP protection
  • Jim Asher – COO & Co-founder of Coller IP, an IP consultancy advising businesses the value in their IP (sometimes vested in unexpected places) and how to protect and release this IP value.
  • Dave Hopkins – Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Refreshingly practical and vigorous in his advice and call to action.
  • Paul Openshaw – Openshaw & Co – Patent Attorneys (who push patent applications through the approvals process).

The format of the session was brief presentations from each of the panellists, followed by extensive Q&A from the audience.

Some key takeaway messages from the forum from Terzo’s perspective were as follows:

  • These days, its common to apply for patent protection in three key markets: the EU, the US and China. China is taking IP protection increasingly seriously, recognising that it is starting to produce its own patents
  • Not all patent attorneys are the same; they each have their own areas of expertise
  • Use a patent attorney to write your patents. Writing them yourself in an inexpert manner can be a false economy as it costs considerable sums to submit to the various patent offices and push them through the approval process – cost that could be wasted if the patent is rejected or is not worded correctly.
  • The IPO offer free tools online to allow a business to do an IP audit

Getting different perspectives on the subject really helped bring it to life, and gave plenty of food for thought for planning IP strategy.