Devoxx UK 2016

The strapline for the conference name is “the java community conference” and the conference content is focussed on the Java ecosystem, including Java, JavaEE, the JVM, other languages which use the JVM, Android and HTML5.

Devoxx is the overarching name for an ever-growing series of conferences in various countries, including Belgium, France, the UK, Poland, Morocco and, as of 2017, the US, which was announced at this year’s Devoxx UK Conference. As well as growing in number of locations, the conference continues to grow in terms of number of attendees, with over 1000 people at this year’s Devoxx UK.

The conference is for developers, by developers. It includes conference sessions, Hands-onLabs, BOFs, Quickies, Ignite Talks and University sessions, presented by Java champions and other well-known figures in the Java community. The ticket cost is kept affordable to ensure all developers can enjoy the conference. It has strong associations with the Java User Groups and communities in each country; indeed, it is through my membership of the London Java Community (LJC) that I became aware of the conference and the opportunity to volunteer and help.

My favourite talks this year were “Just enough app server” by Antonio Goncalves, “Levelling up your application security program” by David Rook of Riot Games and a great quickie by Roy van Rijn on “How Google conquered the game of Go”. Don’t worry if you did not get to see them, as all the talks from the conference are available on their YouTube channel for everyone to see.

If you find all this interesting then keep an eye on the Devoxx UK site or the Devoxx twitter channel for information about next year’s conference. Or why not check out some of the meetups with the London Java Community that are on year round in London?


 Mark Davison, Terzo Digital, June 2016