Sonin and Terzo collaboration

Paul explains, “The Openair project consisted of two elements: the software development of a mobile App; and the creation of a hardware device, utilising a BLE interface, that would capture the data and feedback the results to the app.”

The team at Sonin has years of experience and a proven track record of app development and SaaS digital products.

“We are laser-focused on only doing what we do well; that’s how we’ve grown our excellent reputation. To go ahead with this project, we needed to find a company who could work closely with us to produce a prototype device as a proof-of-concept.”

Paul Jarrett

Paul approached a number of companies, including Terzo Digital, to get a feel for who might be the most appropriate company to work with.

Terzo shone head and shoulders above the others, but Paul admits he was a bit nervous. It was a risk as he hadn’t worked with Terzo before and introducing them to Openair was a responsibility that he didn’t take lightly.

“Out of all the companies I contacted, Neil and Mark at Terzo were by far the most helpful. They provided excellent information, interesting ideas and sound advice, which gave me confidence in recommending them to Openair”.

Paul Jarrett

The Results

Developing software and hardware in parallel is complicated.

Generally, hardware developers don’t like building the hardware at the same time as the software and instead prefer to have the hardware complete first.

“Neil and Mark’s ‘can do’ attitude and expertise in IoT allowed this project to proceed far better than I dared hope. It was a great working relationship.”

Paul Jarrett

Terzo possess the rare combination of in-depth knowledge in both software and hardware asset development.

“Because we were able to work on the software and hardware in tandem, it meant that this project was completed in twice the speed, which was a fantastic outcome and much appreciated by Openair.”

 Paul Jarrett

The Future

The success of the collaboration is a significant outcome for Sonin, too.

“It means that interesting opportunities that once we had to pass up, we can now say yes to, due to the complementary skills of Sonin and Terzo.”

Paul Jarrett

Having established a successful relationship, Sonin and Terzo are now working on a new project together.


About Sonin

Founded in 2009, Sonin is an award-winning digital product development agency. The company works with leading brands to build outstanding products, platforms, and experiences for iOS, Android, and web.

To find out more visit the Sonin website.


About Terzo Digital

Terzo Digital, based in Surrey, UK provides a comprehensive suite of services for the IT industry, specialising in Operational Technology (OT), the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded devices. The owners Neil Tubman and Mark Davison provide highly professional software engineering services and products.


T: +44 7739 672300