Anglian Water Services – Operational Technology (OT) Historian

Terzo Digital was engaged by Anglian Water to research and write the Request For Information(RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) for developing Historian.

“Neil Tubman was perfect for the job with his extensive knowledge and niche experience in energy and utilities telemetry.”

Darrell Froggatt, IT Project Manager

Procurement phase

Following the success of the RFI and RFP stage it was an obvious decision for Terzo Digital to help with the interviews during the procurement phase, selecting suppliers to implement the development to Historian.

The procurement had to go through OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union), which all tenders from the public sector valued above a certain financial must be published.

“Neil wrote the questions for the interviews, analysed the answers and prepared the results, ensuring that at all times, along with the procurement team, the project adhered to the strict guidelines set by OJEU.”

Darrell Froggatt, IT Project Manager

Design phase

The project has now entered the design phase. The role that Neil has is Quality Assurance (QA).

The QA role requires excellent communication skills. The right questions need to be asked and support given to ensure the project stays on track.

“Because of Neil’s technical skills and commercial experience, he is able to step into the role of Project Manager when I’m on holiday.”

Darrell Froggatt, IT Project Manager

An invaluable member of the team.

“Neil is always quick to respond. He is proactive, coming up with ideas and suggestions. He’s an invaluable sounding board and not just on this project. Rates are competitive too!”

Darrell Froggatt, IT Project Manager