In November, Terzo Digital attended the WITS Plugfest at the National Football Stadium in Belfast. We were demonstrating an updated version of our WITS-IoT software stack.

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Terzo Digital have been members of the IoT-SF (Internet of Things Security Foundation) for several years now. The foundation has a strapline of “Build Secure, Buy Secure, Be Secure” and is trying to promote security best practice within the IoT community. You can read more about their mission statement here.

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It seems like 5G has been promised for a long time. I found out recently what the current reality looks like.

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Neil Tubman, a Terzo director, helped design and facilitate a new technology Meetup, 'Red Sprite'. Meeting on a monthly basis at a Co-working space in Redhill, it aims to bring together local IT students, hobbyists and professionals.

Read the full article here, authored by Red Sprite co-founder Simon Pither.

There came a point in the development of the WITS-DNP3 protocol, many years ago, when we had to migrate from writing documents about the protocol and thinking about how it would work, to building and testing real devices. To do this we used plugfests. For WITS and many other organisations, a plugfest is a chance to bring various bits of equipment together and test that the interfaces between them all work as expected. In the early days of WITS, the plugfests were pivotal to converting the paper standard to a real and working protocol on multiple vendor’s devices.

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